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About us

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Olive Corporation is an emerging International Trading Service company in the Apparel and Fashion Industry, established in 2015 in Pakistan and Australia. Responding to the growing needs of the valued customers, Olive Corporation has expanded its marketing and sourcing offices in USA, China, Turkey, UAE and Saudia, within a short span of time.

Olive Corporation is a team of highly skilled and time tested professionals, who are not only managing the trading and quality services but are also providing effective supply chain solutions covering all aspects from product development to final audits, with a clear focus on quality of the products and services.

As envisioned and outlined by the founder Mr. M. Atiq-ur-Rahman Ansari, the company continues to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and trust worthy relationship among its team members and business partners to go a long way together.

Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values are just an Expression of our Ethical and Professional Behavior.

What We Aim

Our aim is to provide genuine quality products to our valued clients.

We strive to develop new markets through innovative solutions and effective resource management so as to achieve optimum prices of products for sustainable and equitable growth and prosperity of all the stakeholders through fair trade policies.

We intend to provide a work environment which accommodate our teams professional requirements and challenge their capabilities to keep up the pace of the everchanging  business world.

What We Do

Olive Corporation is a dependable trading and sourcing hub managed by a team who believes in high ethical and moral values and professional conduct

Although we mainly work with tangible products but our real package is the trust and quality which is embedded in our products.

When we take orders and agree on certain quality parameters within the given time frame, we leave no stone unturned to deliver what we promised and that’s exactly what we do.

What We Care

Olive Corporation believes in transparency, honesty and  professionalism.

We ensure to provide correct and timely information to all stakeholders.

We thrive to deliver products that match the quality committed with the customer.

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Our valued customers are the biggest source of inspiration